Senior Members

Graeme Mitchley
is a Vice-Principal and Wildlife Photographer with a deep passion for educating the next generation about the preservation of our Wildlife, Environment and Heritage. Through the lens of his camera many stories have been told about the beauty of South Africa, Africa and the World.





Len Jordaan
is a Life Skills Educator, sports specialist and referee. Len heads up the GWA “WILDLIFE EDUCATION THROUGH SPORT” portfolio. He is passionate about the preservation of our wildlife & heritage for generations to come. His main medium is through the sporting talents of young people.






Joy Jarvis
comes from a corporate background and worked for the Spar Group for over 15 years. Her true passion has always been the outdoors with a special love for animals and the environment. Joy is a valuable member of the Education Team, educating, raising awareness and using her “VOICE” for the “SILENT VOICES” of all living things.






Audrey Everett
is a mother, wife and activist. She is very focussed on educating our youth to appreciate our heritage and conserving our wildlife. She has a B Comm Hons in Marketing, and is a very enthusiastic Mountain biker and trail runner.






Kayla Nel
is a public figure, passionate Beauty Queen with numerous titles, business owner and wildlife ambassador. Her passion for Wildlife preservation is evident in the successful “Queen of the Wild” beauty pageant. Kayla’s “inner beauty” shines radiant through her beautiful smile and generous heart.






Tijana Huysamen    

Rhodes University Bachelor of Journalism graduate. Living in South Korea. Teaching English & Photography. Blogger for Aclipes (USA). Assisting with mentoring young wildlife activists with newsletters etc. Living my DREAM, travelling the world + telling my story through the lens of my camera. (Designer Rhino SA Logo (Black + White Rhino + South Africa), Rhino SA Motto: “It’s our duty as Africans, to be the voice of all living things – Tijana”) 








Irene Huysamen

Bush Baby, environmentalist, social entrepreneur, business woman, wildlife activist and educator. Her love for wildlife + nature began as a child on the banks of the Oliphants River. Irene studied Clinical + Chemical Pathology at UCT Cape Town and worked in medical research, student education & training for 20 years before relocating to Gauteng.







Dominique Greef

Zoology and ecology graduate, Wits University, I am passionate about 
conservation and the environment and I love animals.









Ann Okkenburg   
Marine and Nature Conservation Activist, Cape Town, Western Cape. Financial Director Progress Instrumentation. Project manager for the Rights for Rhinos Walk and Saving Robben Island Primary School projects. 










ByeronieByeronie Epstein 
South African horse rider and Engineering graduate, Byeronie, age 22, has been selected to compete in the Mongol Derby 2015. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the longest and toughest horse race in the world. In the space of 8-10 days she and 38 other hand-picked international riders will race semi-wild Mongolian horses through a 1000 km of Mongolia.
Byeronie will be “RACING AGAINST TIME” like the 3 charities she will support:
GWA – Rhino SA which she really believes she has the ability to make a difference to the serious threat to our rhino's in South Africa through her VOICE during the race.
The other 2 charities are Reach for a Dream and Cool Earth.





Paul Jennings (Left) Dr. Ian Player & Sboniso
Game Ranger, Has worked in the field of conservation for 17 years, Founder of Rights for Rhinos where he and Sboniso Phakathi walked from Musina to Cape Town in 2011 speaking to over 16 500 children on route, Lives in Umfolozi Game Reserve, KZN